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Upvote Upvote Tommy G. Thompson was once one of the greatest treasure hunters of his time: A dark-bearded diver who hauled a trove of gold from the Atlantic Ocean in -- dubbed the richest find in U. Years later, accused of cheating his investors out of the can t start peeing, Thompson led federal agents on a great manhunt -- pursued from a Florida mansion to a mid-rent hotel room booked under a fake name.

Now Thompson's beard has grayed, and he lives in an Ohio can t start peeing cell, held there until he gives up the location of the gold. But for nearly two years, despite threats and fines and the best exertions of a federal judge, no one has managed to make Thompson reveal what he did with the treasure.

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The wreck of the S. Central America waited years for Thompson to come along. The steamer went down in a hurricane intaking souls and at least three tons of California gold to the sea floor off South Carolina.

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Many tried to find it, but none succeeded until a young, shipwreck-obsessed engineer from Columbus, Ohio, built an underwater robot called "Nemo" to pinpoint the Central America, then dive 8, feet under the sea and surface the loot. He "spent years studying the ship's fateful voyage Barnum that infuses and inflates other salvors. Central America is also a rich part of our nation's cultural treasury.

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Two of the expedition's biggest investors took him to court in the s, accusing him of selling nearly all the gold and keeping the profits to himself. When a federal judge ordered Thompson to appear inhe didn't show. An arrest warrant was issued, but the man who found a long-lost shipwreck had disappeared. There followed a two-year manhunt for what a top U.

Marshal called "perhaps one of the smartest fugitives" the agency had ever chased. Thompson had "almost limitless resources and approximately a cum să scapi de prostatita dureroasă year head start" in the chase, U. Thompson and his girlfriend had been living for years in a Florida mansion, paying rent with cash that was damp and moldy from the earth it had been buried in, The Post's Abby Phillip reported last year.

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The couple had fled by the time authorities found the house. Marshals in January In a celebratory statement, Tobin said the U. Marshals had used "all of our resources and ingenuity" to find the treasure hunter.

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But they didn't find the treasure. Thompson's investors, who originally expected to make tens of millions of dollars from the venture, said that they believe he had hundreds of gold coins secreted in a trust account for his children. Can t start peeing first, their search for the coins looked promising.

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Thompson pleaded guilty to contempt of court in Aprilaccording to the Columbus Dispatch. He said the coins were in Belize and agreed to reveal their exact location.

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But that didn't happen. Thompson's attorney said last month that his client couldn't remember who he gave the gold to, even after poring over thousands of pages of documents related to the treasure, according to the Dispatch.

A federal judge ruled that Thompson was faking memory problems, the newspaper reported, and has held him in an Ohio jail cell for a year.

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District Judge Algenon Marbley remarked Monday when he ordered Thompson to answer questions about the gold's location. But so far, the S. Central America's treasure remains missing for the second time in two centuries.

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And perhaps the only man able to find it remains as silent as the lost sailors of that old wreck. Washington Post.

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