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Prostate calcification natural treatment

Cutaneous MALT-lymphoma: from cutaneous immunocytoma and pseudolymphoma to the current and future conceptions A. Fernandez-Flores The current report examines the prostate calcification natural treatment of the concepts of immunocytoma prostate calcification natural treatment pseudolymphoma in a historical perspective, paying special attention to their evolvement into the groups of marginal-zone lymphoma and cutaneous MALT-lymphoma.

The anatomical relations of the prostate calcification natural treatment sinus and their implications in sphenoid endoscopic surgery V. Budu, Carmen Aurelia Mogoanta, B. Fanuta, I. Bulescu Alongside the past development of endoscopic sinus surgery, knowledge about the anatomy of the sinuses has become crucial for surgeons.

The sphenoid sinus is one of the most variable of all sinuses. Its relations to vital vascular and nervous elements make its approach a challenge for endoscopic surgeons.

These relations include the internal carotid artery, the optic nerve, the pituitary gland, the Vidian nerve, and other vascular and nervous elements depending on the size of the sinus.

This paper will make a review of these anatomical relations and their importance in endoscopic sphenoid surgery. Danciu, M. Onofriescu, Cornelia Amalinei PAX8 and WT1 are transcription factors, each of them with distinct roles in organogenesis, morphogenesis, cell growth, and differentiation. Recently, their expression was also confirmed in a variety of malignancies, being included in the antibodies panel recommended for the female genital tract pathology.

The aim of our study was to evaluate PAX8 and WT1 in different types of ovarian cancer OC with focus on i the completion of evidences of the Mullerian origin and ii the establishment of primary ovarian tumor status vs. The study group consisted of 86 cases, with histopathological diagnosis covering the main subtypes of OC low- and high-grade serous, low- and high-grade endometrioid, clear cell, mucinous, malignant Brenner tumor, malignant mixed Mullerian tumor, undifferentiated, and borderline.

The investigation was based on immunohistochemical examination, performed by using specific antibodies applied on blocks obtained through Tissue MicroArray technique, and interpreted by scores assessing the nuclear positivity of tumoral cells.

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One case was not valuable due to technical difficulties. PAX8 expression was positive in 70 Our study provide supplementary evidences to support the association of PAX8 and WT1 immunostaining in the investigation of prostate calcification natural treatment complex biology of OC, PAX8 confirming the ovarian prostate calcification natural treatment and WT1 allowing the refinement of the diagnosis in phenotype overlapping cases.

In vitro expansion and characterization of corneal stem cells isolated from an eye with malignant melanoma O. Samoila, Olga Soritau, M. Calugaru, Lacramioara Totu, S. Susman, Cristina Cristian, Carmen Mihaela Mihu Purpose: The objective of this study was the identification, characterization and in vitro replication of the human corneal stem cells, taking into consideration the difficulties in obtaining sufficient corneal material from living donors.

The study explored a variety of stem cell markers, usually found in embryonic or adult mesenchymal stem cells. Culture medium and replication substrates had to be identified, with no data available on this subject in our country there are no other reports on corneal stem cells in Romania, to our knowledge. Materials and Methods: Corneal epithelial limbus was harvested from an enucleated eye, containing also a choroid malignant melanoma.

prostate calcification natural treatment

Stem cells from the limbus were isolated and cultivated in vitro. Expression of specific stem cell markers was evaluated with immunocytochemistry. They also expressed pan-cytokeratin. Donor age 72 years and the presence of a malignant tumor close to limbal stem niche could have had an impact on the proliferation rate and the characteristics of the corneal stem cells.

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Conclusions: Isolated limbal cells were adult type stem cells with an epithelial orientation. The characterization of these cells with immunocytochemistry allowed us to observe surface markers that other stem cells also express.

Corresponding author: Ovidiu Samoila, MD; e-mail: iovidius yahoo. Development of specific tyrosine kinase inhibitors completely changed the management of these patients. Conclusions: Molecular biology techniques have an important role in monitoring CML patients and regular analysis is recommended.

prostate calcification natural treatment

Foxp3 and IL17 expression in tumor infiltrating lymphocytes TIL and tumor cells - correlated or independent factors? Florina Vasilescu, D. Enache, Cristina Iosif, D. Alexandru, D. Georgescu, Camelia Dobrea, Prostate calcification natural treatment Balan, Carmen Ardeleanu Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes TILas a microenvironment component were studied in various epithelial tumors, with contradictory results. Recent data about regulatory T-cells Treg revealed new explanations for pro- and anti-tumor implications of TIL.

Tregs immunoprofile was recently completed with Foxp3 expression. A T-cell fraction Th is producing cytokine IL17 and is now considered acting in tumor progression. The studied material was represented by paraffin-embedded tumor fragments from 59 patients with TIL identified on HE staining. The antibodies used were Foxp3 and IL TIL was usually mild or scarce.

A positive statistic correlation resulted between the amounts of TIL in peritumoral and intratumoral location but without correlation to histopathological grading. Tumor cells and lymphocytes Foxp3 expression was prostate calcification natural treatment correlated with the amount of TIL.

In these conditions, Foxp3 could be a mediator of the tumor cells inhibitory aggression upon the immune system and could be used as a molecular target for biological antitumor therapy.

prostate calcification natural treatment

Histopathologic features of Spitzoid lesions in different age groups Adriana Diaconeasa, D. Boda, C. Solovan, D. Enescu, Alina Maria Vilcea, Sabina Zurac Spitz nevus is one of the most difficult melanocytic lesions to diagnose in regard prostatite da 5 anni malignancy, even for experienced dermatopathologists.

We analyzed 28 tumors with Spitzoid morphology from 15 children three little children year-old, 12 peripubertary children year-old and 13 adults; there were 21 Spitz nevi, five atypical Spitz tumors and two Spitzoid melanomas in order to establish the diagnostic value of several morphologic parameters in different age groups. In adults, presence of isolated cells within the lateral margins allows differentiating Spitz nevus from atypical Spitz tumor and Spitzoid melanoma.

Prostate calcification natural treatment located mitoses were statistically associated with Spitzoid melanoma in adults. Ulceration was statistically more frequent in peripubertary patients than in adults, probably due to trauma. In conclusion, presence of worrisome morphologic features pagetoid growth, isolated cells within the lateral margins or ulceration is correlated to patient's age and less to tumor type; there is no unique morphologic feature to relay on when evaluating a Spitzoid tumor, the final diagnosis being the results of interpretation of multiple clinical, morphologic, immunohistochemical and molecular data and not least dermatopathologist's personal experience.

Nicodin, V. Tudorache, M. Raica Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a severe disease, with unpredictable evolution that frequently leads to respiratory failure and death, despite some progresses made in the field of therapy. Basically, the bad prognosis and failure of therapy are the consequence of the lack of data about the molecular events that have as result the extensive fibrosis.

Although the basic lesions were defined many years ago, the pathological classification of pulmonary fibrosis is controversial. Prostate calcification natural treatment the present work, we analyzed the prognostic impact of basic microscopic lesions on a possible new classification that could be related to the patient outcome.

For this purpose, we have prostate calcification natural treatment 20 cases with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and samples of lung parenchyma were obtained by video assisted thoracoscopy. The specimens were processed by usual histological technique and sections were stained with Hematoxylin-Eosin, Masson's trichrome and Gordon-Sweet silver staining. There were evaluated the lung architecture, the chronic prostate calcification natural treatment infiltrate, macrophages and fibrosis.

Bogdan - Corresponding author: - 2. Pathology on the edge of interdisciplinarity. A historical epitome E. Vollmer, T.

The distribution and severity of each parameter was converted into points and finally graded from I to IV, with corresponding score from 1 to Our results support the hypothesis that the evaluation of basic lesions could be the basis for a more objective classification and staging of lung fibrosis and, possibly, a better prognostic method and, eventually, a predictor for the response to targeted therapy.

Histopathologically, FL has been remedii populare pentru prostatita si uretrita according to the proportion of centroblasts and stratified into grades FL grade low-gradewhich include cases with few centroblasts, and FL grade 3, divided into grades 3a and 3b, based on the absence of centrocytes in the latter category.

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Several studies have identified some differences between grade 3a and grade 3b of FL, with most cases of FL grade 3b being more closely related to diffuse large B-cell lymphoma DLBCL at molecular level. Several multicenter prospective randomized trials demonstrated an improved outcome when Rituximab R was added to chemotherapy for the treatment of follicular non-Hodgkin's lymphomas and a beneficial effect in the quality of life after Rituximab maintenance therapy at these patients.

Conclusions: Low-grade FL was correlated with a good prognosis in patients with FLIPI score ; Rituximab maintenance therapy compared with observation only is safe and prolonged progression free survival at patients with follicular lymphomas treated with R-chemotherapy as first line therapy. Prostate calcification natural treatment and morphological data of ocular melanocytic lesions Flavia Baderca, C. Solovan, Loredana Boghian Ocular melanocytic lesions comprise a spectrum of prostate calcification natural treatment ranging from benign nevi to invasive melanoma.

Clinical and histopathological appearance of conjunctival lesions ranges from freckle to lentigo and to nevi. Between these types, conjunctival nevi and conjunctival melanosis are the most frequent. Conjunctival and uveal melanocytes are derived from the neural crest, as their cutaneous counterparts, whereas the pigment epithelial melanocytes are derived from the neuroepithelium or the layers of the optic cup.

Melanomas can develop in one of several places within the eye, and can be divided in uveal melanomas and conjunctival melanomas. The prostate calcification natural treatment of the prostate calcification natural treatment was to investigate the epidemiological and morphological data of ocular melanocytic lesions, especially intraocular melanoma, through analysis of the ocular biopsies received in the Department of Pathology, Emergency City Hospital, Timisoara, Prostate calcification natural treatment, for the period of five years.

We did not observed any gender predilection neither in benign nor in malignant tumors. In our study, whatever the tumor location was, the most common type of melanomas was mixed with both, epithelioid and spindle cells. In some cases, immunohistochemical investigations are useful to appreciate the benign or malignant character of the tumor. Anatomy and variations of palmaris longus in fetuses S.

Tunali The aim of this study was to assess the absence of the palmaris longus, the proportion of the lengths of tendon and muscle belly, the development of the tendon and the belly during the fetal period, look for any difference between sides and gender. Fifty-eight spontaneously aborted human fetuses 26 female, 32 male, upper extremities were studied.

The presence or absence of the palmaris longus was determined. Correlation with gestational age, body side and gender were studied. The muscle was absent in 44 forearms The unilateral absence rate was higher on the left side with a statistically significant difference. The absence of palmaris longus was more common in females, and the difference was statistically significant. It did not show any difference according the fetal age. A sound knowledge on the anatomy and variations of palmaris longus is of great importance during surgical interventions; because it is the first choice for tendon grafts, by the virtue of its structure and function.

Thus, this study is of academic interest for anatomists and hand surgeons alike.

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Endometriosis - clinical approach based on histological findings C. Cristescu, Andreea Veliscu, B. Marinescu, Anca Patrascu, E.

Trasca, O. Pop Endometriosis is a benign disease defined by the presence of endometrial glands and stroma outside of the uterus and is associated with both pelvic pain and infertility. The most common sites of endometriosis, in decreasing order of frequency, are the ovaries, anterior and posterior cul-de-sac, posterior broad ligaments, uterosacral ligaments, uterus, fallopian tubes, sigmoid colon, appendix, and round ligaments. The main treatment is surgical, but often-microscopic islands of endometrial tissue remain, which proliferate and are responsible for relapses.

We tested the efficacy of two drugs Medroxyprogesterone and Triptorelinumadministered for six months to prevent recurrence after surgery. Recent studies support their involvement in carcinogenesis, as changes in CLDNs structure result in alterations in tight junctions' structure and function, facilitating malignant transformation.

We aimed CLDN3 investigation in both breast and ovarian carcinoma, targeting the identification of its expression differences. The immunohistochemical assessment was performed on 20 cases of breast carcinomas Group 1 and 19 cases of epithelial ovarian carcinomas Group 2.

Firstly, the specific panel for the molecular classification was applied for specimens of the first group. Then, all the specimens were immunostained for CLDN3 and a semi-quantitative evaluation was made, based on the percentage of positive cells and the intensity of staining. In Group 2, CLDN3 was overexpressed prostate calcification natural treatment 15 cases, histopathologically diagnosed as serous 10 casesmucinous two casesendometrioid two casesand mixed carcinomas prostate calcification natural treatment case ; a weak expression was noticed in a single case, of the serous subtype; CLDN3 was undetectable in three cases one serous, one clear cell, and one endometrioid type.

prostate calcification natural treatment

Our comparative analysis of CLDN3 profile in breast and ovarian cancer clearly indicates organ specificity. Comparative study of microvascular density in experimental third-degree skin burns treated with topical preparations containing herbal extracts G.

Lascar, L. Mogoanta During the healing process of third-degree skin burns, a very complex response involves different cells and tissues linked together by intra- and extra-cellular mechanisms. For the restoration of damaged tissues, angiogenesis is the key point in the formation of new blood vessels. By their emollient, astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, biostimulator, epithelizing and cicatrizing effect, active principles from natural products contribute to the acceleration of the wound-healing process.

By their biostimulator, epithelizing and cicatrizing effect, cold-creams with herbal extracts are locally modulators of the cellular response and support the wound healing. Prostate calcification natural treatment phytocomplex stimulates the favorable evolution of the burnt skin wounds and the development of neoangiogenesis capillaries. New ways of bronchial stump closure after lung resection: experimental study V.

Bud, B. Suciu, V. Copotoiu, Anca Sin Introduction: Lung surgery has long been associated with a high rate of mortality and morbidity. Bronchial stump fistula is one of the leading causes of high morbidity and high mortality rate. The objectives of our study are to asses the effect of new ways of closure the bronchial stump after lung resections. Materials and Methods: For our study, we used eighteen adult rabbits.

We performed left trans-thoracic inferior lobectomy to each animal because left lung functional capacities are smaller than right lung functional capacities. The bronchial stump was closed in three different ways: simple running suture of 5. All surviving rabbits were sacrificed in 30 day postoperatively. Results: In our study, we did not notice any deaths among our experimental animals and we did not observe any bronchial stump fistula. In the group of rabbits in which the bronchial stump was closed using a patch of heterologous bovine pericardium, the histological exams revealed a cvasinormal bronchial wall with a normal bronchial epithelium and basal membrane integrity and no inflammatory lympho-plasmocytary infiltrate cell, absence of macrophages at this level.

Conclusions: Using the heterologous bovine pericardium patch to reinforce the bronchial stump could be beneficial because of the faster healing and scarring process. To our knowledge, no studies have previously evaluated this procedure of bronchial stump closure.

Schistosomiasis cure. Prostatita calcifications tratament Schistosomiasis cure. Prostatita calcifications tratament Much more than documents.

Our findings could therefore, serve as an impetus for further research in this area. Sinus lift and dental implant treatment as an option for enhancing the quality of life of our patients S. Bran, Fl. Onisor-Gligor, D.

Lucaciu, R. Campian, Ondine Patricia Lucaciu, Diana Dudea The loss of teeth in the posterior maxillary area is a real handicap for patients, which significantly affects their quality of life. This study aims to perform an exhaustive multidisciplinary analysis of bone reconstruction at this level using alloplastic osteoinductive material, followed by dental implant treatment.

The results of the study show a