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Agrigoroaie1, D. Mihai2, I. Gardikiotis2, R. Iliescu1,2, Cipriana Stefanescu1,2, M. Replicarea conditiilor fiziopatologice a afectiunii la animal este o arie activa de continua cercetare.

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Materiale si Metode: Am studiat un grup de 24 de sobolani Wistar, masculi, repartizati in mod egal si aleatoriu in 3 loturi: control L1insuficienta cardiaca L2sindrom cardiorenal L3. Insuficienta cardiaca a fost indusa prin administrare intraperitoneala de doxorubicina, iar sindromul cardiorenal prin nefrectomie subtotala la jumatate din subiectii lotului L2. Pe imaginile reconstruite, regiuni de interes au fost trasate pentru parenchimul renal si miocard.

Animal modelling of the disease and its pathophysiological underpinnings is a growing area of research. Methods and Materials: We studied a number of 24 male Wistar rats, equally and randomly divided into 3 lots: control L1heart failure L2 and cardiorenal group L3. Heart failure was induced by intraperitoneal doxorubicin administration and cardiorenal syndrome by subsequent sub-total nephrectomy in half of them.

On the reconstructed images, regions of interest for renal and heart parenchyma were drawn.

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In contrast, subjects from L3 vs. Conclusion: The distinct prostate cancer risk calculator with mri of radiotracer kinetics in cardiorenal subjects has potential for discriminating between study groups, hence confirming the hypothesis under study.

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Alexiu2, A. Bone scans using Tcm diphosphonate compounds are the most commonly used procedures in conventional nuclear medicine in Romania. We present a case report of a 51 year old male with colorectal cancer that was referred to our center for skeletal metastatic disease evaluation, after his 4th cycle of chemotherapy for preoperative tumor cytoreduction.

Material and Methods.

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After intravenous injection,99mTc-HDP rapidly distributes into the extra-cellular fluid and is quickly taken up into prostate cancer risk calculator with mri bone. It is eliminated by the kidneys and bladder so it is normal to see residual soft tissue activity in the kidneys and bladder.

The patient had several heterogeneous areas of uptake in the hepatic region that correlated with the liver metastases described on the computerized scan. Discussion and conclusion.

Posts navigation Home Calcimă în îndepărtarea prostatei cu laser The patients underwent CVP procedure with high power diode laser of nm at 4 medical institutions from August, to February. In the case of permitted digital reproduction, please credit the National Cancer Institute as the source and link to the original NCI product using the original product' s title; e. A Foley catheter was inserted and left for 2 or 3 days. A W diode laser system was used papillomavirus hpv 18 an end- firing fiber in a contact mode. I now look at people very differently.

Soft tissue uptake must be differentiated from bone pathology. Similar cases of hepatic secondary lesions that uptake 99mTc- diphosphonate compounds were described in the literature.

Cancerul de Prostata

The mechanism prostate cancer risk calculator with mri localization in the liver metastases is thought to be a combination of calcifications in the tumor and binding of the macromolecules to tumor cells in the metastatic areas. The low sensitivity and specificity of bone seeking agents in this cases cannot point a correlation between the uptake of 99mTc-HDP in the metastatic foci and the outcome of the patient.

Other nuclear medicine procedures can be used to asses chemotherapy response and patient prognosis. Key words: bone scan, hepatic uptake, 99mTc-HDP in liver metastases Bîlha1, Cipriana Ștefănescu2,3A.

A 68 years old man complained of bones pain and multiple fractures in the last 15 years, with osteoporosis and persistent leukocytosis was sent for bone scintigraphy after surgery and radiotherapy in for a right submandibular carcinoma.

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Pastile pentru usturimi urinare bone scan obtained 2h after injection of MBq of 99mTc-HDP showed abnormal tracer uptake as hot spots among the body and an abnormal pattern revealed in the lower half of the bilateral femur and the upper third of the bilateral tibia.

This led us to the probability of differential diagnosis between Schnitzler's syndrome and Erdheim-Chester disease. Contrastingly, Erdheim-Chester disease, an uncommon non-Langerhans cell histiocytosis, is symmetrical osteosclerosis of the long bones with corresponding and almost pathognomonic radiological and nuclear medicine correlations.

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Bone scintigraphy was the first investigation that led to a possible response for the pathological background of the patient. To confirm one of the presumptive diagnostics obtained from the scintigraphic investigation, the next step should be to screen for monoclonal immunoglobulin and also bone biopsy should be performed to exclude possible histiocytic infiltration.

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Key words: bone scintigraphy, Schnitzler's syndrome, Erdheim-Chester disease. Un bărbat în vârstă de 68 de ani acuză dureri osoase și fracturi multiple în ultimii 15 ani, cu osteoporoză și leucocitoză persistentă, a fost trimis pentru a fi investigat scintigrafic după ce a fost diagnosticat și operat de carcinom submandibular înurmat de radioterapie.

Se consideră că beneficiul terapie de privare androgenica TDA incipiente este incert și trebuie echilibrat cu riscul efectelor secundare ale TDA.

Material and Methods Scanarea osoasă a fost obținută la 2 ore după injectarea a MBq de 99mTc-HDP și a evidențiat multiple situsuri hiperfixatoare la nivelul scheletului și o intensă hiperfixare la nivelul jumătății inferioare femurale și a treimii superioare a tibiei, bilateral. Acest lucru ne-a condus la probabilitatea unui diagnostic diferențial între sindromul Schnitzler și boala Erdheim-Chester.

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Conform criteriilor de diagnosticare de la Strasbourg, sindromul Schnitzler este o combinație rară a două criterii majore imunoglobulina monoclonală M sau G și urticarie cronică cu cel puțin două criterii minore dacă imunoglobulina M este cu o valoare anormală sau trei imunoglobulina G precum: structură osoasă anormală, febră, stare proinflamatorie, dermatoză urticarică neutrofilică la biopsia cutanată.

În contrast, boala Erdheim-Chester reprezintă o histiocitoză non-Langerhans și se caracterizează prin osteoscleroză simetrică a oaselor lungi cu confirmare radiologică sau scintigrafică. Scintigrafia osoasă a fost prima investigație ce a condus la un posibil răspuns pentru istoricul patologic al pacientului.

Pentru a confirma unul din diagnosticele prezumtive obținute la scintigrafia oasoasă, următorul pas ar trebui să fie dozarea imunoglobulinei monoclonale și efectuarea biopsiei osoase pentru a exclude o posibilă infiltrare histiocitară. Key words: scintigrafie osoasă, sindromul Schnitzler, boala Erdheim-Chester.