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    Abstract Background The coronavirus disease COVID pandemic outbreak forced cancer care providers to face different challenges in terms of prevention and treatment management due to specific precautions implemented for oncological patients.

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    We aimed to describe the level of knowledge, attitude and practices KAP among cancer patients, with the purpose to provide prostate cancer stages 5 image of the impact of COVID and evaluate the effectiveness of pandemic response measures.

    A questionnaire investigating 64 items on KAP related to the novel coronavirus was designed and applied in seven Romanian hospitals. The group of participants consisted of oncological patients who completed the questionnaire during the outbreak April-May Results Only patients Only About one-third of patients A small percentage 8.

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    Around half of the participants Conclusion Romanian oncological patients have a less than expected knowledge about SARS-CoV-2, appropriate prevention behaviours, with limited trust in their efficacy, optimistic attitudes towards COVID and low level of trust in information sources. To add to the above body of knowledge, we developed a quantitative, cross-sectional multicentric study, targeting adults with cancer during the outbreak of COVID, aiming to describe the knowledge, attitude and practices KAP related to COVID among Romanian oncological patients.

    The International Agency for Research in Cancer IARC estimates that new cases of cancer appear yearly and that there are around prevalent cases in the country.

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